Digital hand-held instrument

The all-round measuring device for heating water. With the convenient hand-held instrument, the pH value, temperature and conductivity of any water sample can be easily determined. With this robust measuring device, the specialist installer has an easy way to detect and also record the water quality during the maintenance or start-up of a heating system. 

Technical specifications

Pressure loss at nominal flow (bar) 0.1
Battery type control unit 4x Mignon AA, 1.5 V
Power supply control unit (optional power supply plug) (VDC) 5
Max. power input of power supply plug (A) ≤ 1
Power supply (battery-only operation) (VDC) 6
Current consumption (battery-only operation)  
(when valve opens/closes) (A) ≤ 0.2
Protection/protection class IP 42
Conductivity leaking water min. 20 µS/cm
Water temperature (°C) 5 – 30
Ambient temperature (°C) 5 – 40
DVGW registration number NW-6350CU0139
ÜA registration number  
The Office of the Vienna Provincial Government – City of Vienna R-15.2.3-21-17496
Order no. 126 400