99.99% Germ protection for your water

The Grünbeck hygiene system safeliQ:EB30

Prophylactic germ protection for excellent water quality

While water softeners ensure the softness of your water, Grünbeck hygiene systems protect the water prophylactically against germs. Flawless, reliable water quality is ensured by reducing germs such as legionella, E.coli bacteria and pseudomonads by 99.99%. Whether at home in the privacy of your own four walls, or in commercial and industrial environments. The safeliQ series was developed for a wide range of fields of application. In particular for preventive purposes, to exclude harmful pathogens in the water installation and to protect against accidents. Wherever the multi-barrier system of the water supplier no longer has any effect, the Grünbeck hygiene systems ensure non-stop first-class water purity. Thus, your well-being is protected daily, effectively and reliably.

  • Removal of harmful pathogens (e.g. legionella, E.coli, pseudomonads)
  • Permanently hygienic water through system with two hygiene units
  • Regular hygienic disinfection (proof of protection against germs checked by the DVGW Technology Centre for Water (TZW))

Nature as a model

The safeliQ products work according to nature as a model. The gecko uses the principle of suction to be able to walk on smooth walls. The special surface of its feet creates charge differences that make it adhere firmly to the surface (Van der Waals forces).

We at Grünbeck have recognised the potential behind this and used it in the best possible way for the development of our hygiene systems. The underlying principle: Pathogenic germs are adhered to it thanks to the surface properties of the hygienic membrane and then rendered harmless by disinfection with chlorine. The process works regardless of direction and with a minimum pressure loss. This provides double security for the hygiene of your water.

Intended use

  • The hygiene system safeliQ:EB must only and exclusively be used for the reduction of germs in microbiologically contaminated, cold drinking water.
  • The hygiene system safeliQ:EB features a hygiene unit to reduce micro-organisms. The retention rate for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli is 99.99 %.
  • The hygiene system safeliQ:EB30 is suitable for the supply of hygienically treated water in installations with a nominal flow of up to 3.0 m³/h. Apart from detached houses and apartment buildings with max. 5 persons, this also includes kindergartens and commercial properties.
  • The safeliQ hygiene system is designed for the prophylactic hygiene treatment of drinking water if microbiological contamination occurs.

Technical specifications

Hygiene system safeliQ:EB30
Nominal flow at a pressure loss of 1.0 bar [m³ / h] 3.0
Recommended replacement interval of hygiene elements, at the latest after... Years 2
Recommended replacement interval of hygiene elements, at the latest after... Service life [m3] 250
Brine tank capacity [kg] 95
Dimension of the connection block [″] 1
Installation length without screw connection [mm] 190
Installation length with screw connection [mm] 271
Order no. 525410