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The Grünbeck filter systems GENO-mat F 800 AC Eco

GENO-mat F 800, AC Eco – Filter systems for a pool volume up to 130 m³

The GENO-mat F 800 Eco filter systems are ideal for swimming pools with a volume up to 130 m³. The GENO-mat F 800 is available in manual and automatic versions. All filter systems are equipped with a GRP filter tank and a speed-controlled circulation pump. In the manual version, the filter flushing is triggered by hand and monitored. Furthermore, 3 pump capacities can be selected directly on the pump. The automatic variant, with the BW-tronic control unit, regulates the filter operating times and flushing times via a time program. Three individually adjustable speeds (filtration, partial load and backwashing) can be stored on the circulation pump. In this way, the pump capacity can be adapted to the actual requirements and energy can be saved. Partial load operation is possible in conjunction with an automatic measuring and control system. If the desired hygiene parameters are maintained during the filter operating times, the pump capacity is reduced to the set speed.

Manual filter system in a compact design

  • GENO-mat F 800 H, AC Eco

Fully automatic filter system in a compact design

  • GENO-mat F 800 A, AC Eco

Technical specifications

GENO-mat F 800 AC Eco
Pump capacity [m³/h at mWC] ≤ 34/8
Max. filter capacity [m³/h] 21.5
Connection to the pump 2″ fem. thread
Connection to the pool/drain [DN] 65/80
Power input [W] 90 - 1,800 (AC)
Drain connection required [DN] ≥ 100 (by client)