Experience pure joy

With the Grünbeck spaliQ:UF150 ultrafiltration system

Ultrafiltration system spaliQ:UF150 for private swimming pools and whirlpools

Effective filter technology for pure swimming pleasures

The spaliQ:UF150 ultrafiltration system pumps the water from the pool by means of a frequency-controlled pump. The unique ultrafiltration system by Grünbeck effectively retains dirt particles as well as viruses, bacteria and parasites, removes them and thus ensures hygienically pure water. Pure joy when swimming and relaxing at home is thus guaranteed.

Thanks to the special Grünbeck flushing process - patent pending - unnecessary system components are eliminated, which saves considerable space and energy. The ergonomic, modular system design with removable housing and divisible system rack makes installation and maintenance easy. Thanks to the user-friendly touch panel as indicator and operating unit, the control unit is convenient and easy to use. The spaliQ:UF150 is the trendsetter in innovative filter technology!


  • 99.99 % retention of viruses, bacteria and parasites (sand filter approx. 30 %)
  • Unique filtrate and disinfection flushing
  • Membrane cut-off of 0.02 µm
  • Easy to use: user-friendly touch panel with convenient controller
  • Filter capacity 15 m³/h
  • Ergonomic system design
  • LAN and Wi-Fi interface for operation via web browser

Technical specifications

Filter system spaliQ:UF150
Filter capacity [m³/h] 15
Flushing capacity ultrafiltration module [m³/h] 18
Flushing water volume filter system per flushing [l] 240
Cut-off backwash filter [µm] ≤ 200
Cut-off ultrafiltration module [µm] ≤ 0.02
Raw water connection [DN] 65
Filtrate connection/flushing water connection [DN] 50
Drain connection required [DN] ≥ 100 (by client)
Power supply [V, Hz] 230/400, 50
Connected load [kW] 4.0
Fuse protection [A] max. 20 (by client)
Order no. 247100