Reliable system protection

The Grünbeck system separator GENO-DK 2- Mini

The Euro system separator GENO®-DK 2-Mini is a safety device to be installed in water pipes if special withdrawal points or appliances are connected to the drinking water supply.  The Euro-system separator prevents the back-flow, back-pressure and back-suction of modified drinking water into the drinking water network. The construction design BA is approved for protection up to and including hazard class 4 as per DIN 1988 part 4.5.1.

GENO-DK 2-Mini

System separator with nominal connection diameter 15

GENO-DK 2-Mini (nominal connection diameter DN 15) are system separators according to construction design BA according to DIN EN 12729. In accordance with DIN EN 1717, the safety fittings can protect plants and systems endangering the drinking water up to and including hazard class 4 and replace EA 1 and EA 2 pipe separators.

The GENO-DK 2-Mini are made of brass and are suitable for operating temperatures up to 65 °C at PN 10 bar. They operate according to the 3-chamber system with subdivision into upstream, intermediate and downstream pressure zones. When relieving, the middle pressure zone is depressurised and opened against the atmosphere. The system separators have, among other things, water inlet and outlet connections, water meter screw connections, non-return valves and connection points for test pressure gauges.



  • Nominal connection diameter: 1/2" and 3/4"
  • Nominal flow 1.4 m³/h
  • Nominal pressure PN 10 bar
  • Test connections
  • Horizontal installation
  • DVGW-/SVGW-certified



Functional description

The Euro-system separator is divided into three pressure zones:

  • Upstream pressure zone:  Area upstream of the non-return valve on the inlet side 
  • Intermediate pressure zone: Area between the non-return valves
  • Downstream pressure zone:  Area downstream of the non-return valve on the outlet side

The control unit closes (flow-through position) or opens (separation position) the drain valve subject to the pressure conditions in the upstream and intermediate pressure zone, thus preventing back-flow, back-pressure and back-suction. In addition, the non-return valve on the outlet side ensures this as well.  The Euro-system separator does not require any energy supply such as an electrical or a compressed-air connection in order to function. The response values of the control unit are firmly defined and comply with the applicable directives.  For the inspection of the pressure zones, a 1/8" test connection is available at each pressure zone. Scope of supply of the Euro-system separator with integrated 500 µm filter for coarse impurities, ready for installation and operation, with screw connections, flat seals and operation manual, packed in a cardboard box.