Protection from water damage

Safety device protectliQ

Safety device protectliQ

Intended use

The protectliQ protects against water damage in detached and semi-detached houses. It is a stand-alone safety device suitable for installation next to the pureliQ filter series or another filter from Grünbeck's product portfolio. The easily installed protectliQ is used as a line fitting. The installation can be carried out in any horizontal or vertical feed lines. The use of a protectliQ safety device is recommended for installations in rooms with a high risk potential in the event of damage such as electric shock as well as high material damage to equipment. The protectliQ safety device is intended for use in the drinking water sector and is suitable for cold water up to 30 °C.


  • Installation is possible in horizontal or vertical feed lines
  • Battery operation for reliable monitoring, even in the event of a power failure
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Moisture sensor detects water leaks


The protectliQ water sensor permanently monitors critical locations in moist-prone rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms, etc. In the event that water collects on the floor, the water sensor responds and the protectliQ safety device automatically closes the water supply. In order to monitor an additional room, a second, wired water sensor can be connected. The protectliQ safety device is powered by means of batteries - independent of the mains supply. The service life of the battery can be significantly extended by using an optional power supply plug. The power supply plug is not absolutely necessary for the operation of the protectliQ safety device. The ball valve of the protectliQ safety device can be operated by means of a hand lever at any time.

Installation requirements

Observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. The installation site must be frost-proof and protect the product from chemicals, dyes, solvents and their vapours. A Schuko socket is required for electrical installation. The socket requires a permanent power supply.

Scope of supply

  • Safety device
  • Water meter screw connection
  • Water sensor with 2 m cable
  • 4 x Mignon AA batteries (1.5 V)

  • Operation manual

Technical specifications

20 25 32 40
Connection diamater ¾" 1" 1¼" 1½"
Nominal connection diameter [DN] 20 25 32 40
Installation length with screw connection [mm] 165 152 251 283
Installation length without screw connections [mm] 70 70 160 160
Nominal flow [m³/h] 6.5 8.0 9.0 12.0
Pressure loss at nominal flow [bar] 0,1 0,1 0,2 0,3
Order no. 126400 126 405 126 410 126 415