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The Grünbeck automatic filters pureliQ:A and pureliQ:AD

pureliQ:A | AD model overview

Automatic filter pureliQ:AD photo


rotatable click-type connection flange for convenient installation in all kinds of mounting positions


Well thought-out design with inspection window to protect against UV light


Handwheel & interval indicator for precise adjustment of line pressure and maintenance


Flexible drain connection for precise installation for perfect tightness


Grünbeck’s Vortex technology for residual-free filter cleaning by means of water turbulences


Hose adapter for a clean backwash even without a drain connection

Automatic filters pureliQ:A and pureliQ:AD

The automatic filters pureliQ:A and AD are designed for the filtration of drinking and industrial water. A motor unit automatically takes care of the time-controlled backwash for you. It doesn’t get any easier than with the pureliQ:A and AD.

The automatic filters pureliQ:A and AD is perfectly suited for all fields of application. For every pureliQ filter is developed with due diligence and tailored to the prevailing needs - designed for today's as well as for future requirements.

The filters can be used for positive pressure and negative pressure applications. A backwash and the adjustment of the after-pressure on the withdrawal side, however, are only possible when applied in the positive pressure range.

The automatic filters pureliQ:A and AD are designed according to the specifications of DIN EN 13443-1 and DIN 19628 and are intended for installation into the drinking water system according to DIN EN 806-2 (installation immediately downstream of the water meter system).

It protects the water pipes and connected water-carrying system parts from disturbances and corrosion damage due to undissolved impurities (particles) such as rust particles or sand. The unfiltered drinking water flows into the filter via the inlet side and then from the outside in through the filter element and to the pure water outlet. Thus, foreign particles of > 100 µm in size are retained. Depending on their size and weight, foreign particles stick to the filter element or they fall straight down into the filter cylinder. The controller automatically releases the backwash as per the setting. Possible settings for the backwash intervals are 7, 30, 60 and 90 days. A manual backwash can be released at any time, however.

Find the right pureliQ for your needs:

Automatic filter pureliQ:A photo
Pre-assembled components
Click-type connection flange
Ergonomically shaped pressure reducer handwheel
Inspection window for protection from UV light
Smooth organic design
Compact motor
Automatic backwash
Connection diamater ¾", 1", 1 ¼" ¾", 1", 1 ¼"
Nominal pressure PN16 PN16
Water and ambient temperature 30°C/40°C 30°C/40°C
Filter fineness 100μm 100μm


Setting standards In detail

The closed design of the pureliQ filter series perfectly protects the filter element from UV light and algae growth. Thanks to the seamless shape of the housing, the surface stays pristine longer and is easy to clean, if needed Hygienic design for ideal water filtration. Made in Germany.



Easy as never before. Installed in a jiffy.

As all components are pre-assembled, the installation, by a specialist installer, is completed within a few minutes. The pureliQ’s rotatable, patented click-type connection flange enables it to be easily installed, using virtually no tools, in all kinds of mounting scenarios. A clean and reliable backwash is achieved by the filter series thanks to its flexible drain connection DN 50 with integrated, free outlet as per DIN EN 1717. All components in contact with water are checked for leaks by means of a test process using sterile air before delivery.


Excellent water. Child’s play. Everything under control.

The pressure reducer’s specially shaped handwheel to set the pipe pressure, as well as the clearly legible interval indicator for filter backwashing or replacement of the filter cartridges, make operation even easier. During the backwash process, Grünbeck’s Vortex technology generates a powerful water turbulence that reliably removes all residue. The anti-slip grip pads ensure optimum operating convenience.

With the extremely convenient pureliQ:A and AD automatic filters, the individually adjustable backwash intervals are possible using four time intervals - 7, 30, 60 or 90 days. This provides the additional certainty that dirt particles are automatically flushed out in good time and reliably.


According to DIN EN 806-5, A, the filter cartridge has to be replaced or a backwash process must be carried out for hygienic reasons every 6 months in order to ensure the optimum filter capacity and hygiene of the filter system.

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Technical specifications

20 25 32
Connection diamater 3/4" 1" 1 1/4"
Flow capacity pureliQ:A, Δp = 0.2 bar [m³/h] 3.2 4.2 5.0
Flow capacity pureliQ:A, Δp = 0.5 bar [m³/h] 5.1 6.7 8.0
Flow capacity pureliQ:AD, according to DIN EN 1567 [m³/h] 2.3 3.6 5.8
Installation length without screw connections [mm] 100 100 100
Installation length with screw connections [mm] 185 182 191
Overall height pureliQ:A [mm] 385 385 385
Overall height pureliQ:AD [mm] 405 405 405
Order no. pureliQ:A 101420 101425 101430
Order no. pureliQ:AD 101470 101475 101480