A clear goal: pure water for food.

Pure drinking water ensures vitality. Increases a feeling of well-being. And is essential for survival. It is precisely for these reasons that regulations like the German Drinking Water Ordinance or Mineral Water and Table Water Regulation define clear specifications for drinking water that is used in the production of food and beverages. And it is precisely for these reasons that we at Grünbeck develop efficient solutions to ensure a high level of protection for human health. We install water filter systems. We supply products to demineralise water, and other products to reduce iron, manganese or sulphur in the water. This results in clarity: for health and enjoyment.

Perfect just about good enough.

The most important criterion for choosing a location? Optimum local water. You will rarely hear an answer like this from the food & beverage industry. Without technologies that treat the water appropriately, the situation might be different. Pure water is of the utmost importance for the industry. Grünbeck technology therefore ensures that the food and beverage industry always has water that it perfectly suited to its needs. This gives them flexibility in their choice of location. And reliability in production.

Economy is important for us. So is ecology.

At Grünbeck, we also pursue an integrated approach in water treatment for the food and beverage industry, which includes both ecological and economic aspects. We have developed processes for this that work cost-effectively and conserve resources. We count on technologies such as ion exchange, reverse osmosis, membrane processes or electrodeionisation here.

Our teams use our technologies to build water treatment systems that are adapted precisely to the individual needs of companies such as breweries, food producers and juice and mineral water suppliers, which all surpass, often considerably, the hygiene- and technology-related rules for water use in the industry. For food production, perfect is just about good enough: not least when it comes to the use of water.