Pure water is good. But sometimes not good enough for us.

The healthcare industry usually needs water that is not just pure, but of the utmost purity. Germ-free water in hospitals, clinics and care homes is a major challenge, because hygiene plays such an important role here. We therefore deploy complex and sophisticated top-class technologies to meet the high requirements for water in the healthcare sector. But we can also do more. To treat chronic skin diseases, we have developed a therapy system that replicates the water and light conditions at the Dead Sea using therapy pools and light rays. Here, too, water makes a valuable contribution to human health.

Anti germs, pro safety in the healthcare sector.

A body weakened by an accident or illness needs a particularly high level of protection. Water treatment in the healthcare sector is therefore one of the biggest challenges we at Grünbeck face. For this, we have developed disinfection systems that kill viruses and bacteria such as legionella and pseudomonads, as well as filter systems that remove not only inorganic matter but also all germs from the water.

In healthcare, we use technologies such as UV irradiation, ultrafiltration, ultrasound and chlorine dioxide dosing. We use these to develop individual solutions for hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, therapy pools and other facilities in the industry. Depending on the specific project, we design and implement water treatment for the complete building or individual therapy elements so that the water used in hospitals and health resorts and in the production of drugs is germ-free and thus makes a contribution to people's health.

Bathing as in the Dead Sea: Sometimes water can cure.

Sometimes, bathing in the Dead Sea can almost work miracles. This is due to the high concentration of salt and the particular composition of the water, as well as the local climatic conditions. Bathing in the Dead Sea can be effective and make therapeutic sense for chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis. Grünbeck has therefore developed technologies for the balneo-phototherapy system, which replicates the water and light conditions at the Dead Sea, wherever it is used.

With this therapy, patients bathe in a 36 °C-warm electrolyte solution which analytically corresponds to the composition of the Dead Sea. At the same time, they are exposed to UV light that is the equivalent to the light at the Dead Sea. Appropriately treated water is extremely important for ensuring the anti-inflammatory effect of this therapy. Our extensive experience in water treatment stands us in good stead here. We add the precisely dosed quantity of GENO®-sol bathing salt to the water. This salt is extracted from the water of the Dead Sea using complicated, sophisticated processes.