Forward-looking technology for bathing enjoyment.

There's nothing like crystal-clear water to make you want to go for a dip. But crystal-clear water doesn't just happen of its own accord. Grünbeck therefore supports its customers in overcoming the great challenge of keeping the standard of water hygiene high. And we do so right from the planning and installation of swimming pool technology for private and public pools. Ultrafilters, disinfection systems and fully automated measurement and regulation technology ensure that the water quality is permanently checked and adjusted and therefore remains at a high standard. To ensure good, clean fun in the pool.

It's all about accurate dosing. And finest filtering.

The great art lies in finding the correct dose. Additives in the water are essential for large public swimming pools to offer guests the necessary hygiene and comply with all regulations. If too many additives are used, costs are unnecessarily high. And the bathers' feeling of well-being may be compromised. On the other hand, if insufficient additives are in the water, hygiene problems may occur.

In swimming pool technology, the line between too much and too little is extremely fine. Precise, continuous measurement and regulation of values such as chlorine content, pH and redox value, as well as bathing water temperature is therefore necessary to keep these values at a level that is pleasant for bathers but still cost-effective. Grünbeck has developed regulation and control technology here, which sets new standards and ensures a hygienically and economically effective dosing of the required additives in the water.

Our filters are too fine for germs. Much too fine.

Alongside dosing, water filtration is one of the key tasks in water treatment in swimming pool technology. Here, we use membrane systems, for example, for the ultra-fine filtering of swimming pool water. The diameter of the pores of these filters is at least 0.02 micrometres, which is one thousandth of the diameter of a human hair (approx. 50 micrometres).

The extremely fine pores stop both bacteria and viruses very reliably, to ensure even the highest hygiene standards are met in your swimming pool water. Grünbeck also offers technologies for treating the water for your swimming pool heating system and for water softening to increase the life of your pool technology. We guarantee our customers the cost-efficient operation of swimming pool technology. And we guarantee our customers' bathing enjoyment in hygienically safe, clean water.