Filter systems GENO-mat® KF-Z / MS-Z / AK-Z / TE-Z / FE-Z / MN-Z

GENO-mat® filter systems are used to filter impurities if filtration using cartridge filters or backwash filters is not possible due to an unusually high proportion of impurities. Each of the systems consists of a plastic filter tank with an inner distribution system. Filter material filling differs depending on the process. The filter systems are fitted with a central control head with operating and flushing function, incl. timer control and power supply. Prior to purchase, you must consult Grünbeck and have a water analysis performed.

  • Gravel filter system GENO-mat® KF-Z uses sand filters (quartz gravel) to clean mechanical impurities.
  • With multi-layer filtration, multi-layer filter system GENO-mat® MS-Z is more effective in cleaning mechanical impurities.
  • Activated carbon filter system GENO-mat® AK-Z dechlorinates and improves odour and taste.
  • Deacidification system GENO-mat® TE-Z is used for the partial deacidification and calcium carbonate hardness increase in soft and acidic water. 
  • Deferrisation system GENO-mat® FE-Z is a fully automated filter system for reducing dissolved and non-dissolved iron for private water supply systems.
  • Demanganisation system GENO-mat® MN-Z is a fully automated filter system for reducing dissolved and non-dissolved manganese for private water supply systems.

For further information on the installation requirements and technical details, see the product data sheets and operation manuals, which are available to download.