Waste water lifting system AH-300 – accessories for condensate neutralisation

Waste water system type AH-300 is an automatic lifting system for delivering neutralised condensing boiler condensate, gas condensing boiler condensate with pH value > 3, clear water, or industrial water with slight impurities. The system is not suitable for salt water (e.g. from water softeners) or water containing chlorine. The device has a collection tank with intake connection for a hose with DN 20 and DN 25. The equipment also includes a level-controlled pump with filter basket and a non-return valve as well as a 6 m long drain hose DN 12. An overflow warning is provided: A level switch with voltage-free changeover contact signals faults. Waste water lifting system AH-300 is suitable for continuous operation.

Advantages of waste water lifting system AH-300

  • Automatic lifting system
  • Non-return valve
  • Overflow warning
  • Delivery of neutralised condensate (pH >3)
  • Delivery of clear water
  • Delivery of industrial water with slight impurities

Installation requirements

The technical specifications for the system, as well as local and general regulations must be observed. The installation site must provide adequate space, be level, horizontal and load-bearing and easily accessible for inspection and maintenance work. Take into consideration that in standard operation the condensed water is accumulated to the feed pump switch-on point. If a floor drain is not available at the installation site, an alarm device must be connected to the fault signal (overflow warning switch). In the event of a fault, this alarm device must clearly display the alert and, if applicable, prevent system overflow and subsequent damage by switching off the heat generator.

Scope of supply

Waste water lifting system AH-300 as a compact system with intake hose connections for DN 20 and DN 25 with two hose clamps and 6 m hose DN 12 with hose clamp (to drain).


  • Spiral hose DN 20, 5 m
  • Spiral hose DN 25, 5 m
  • Alarm delay GENO®-KZL 71 consisting of multifunctional relay in on-wall housing