Filling section thermaliQ:FB2 - Two strong groups that make up an overall system.

The new filling section thermaliQ:FB2 is a complete unit for conveniently filling the heating system or for the make-up water feed of closed heating systems. Following the installation of boiler and pipes, the the thermaliQ filling section provides the basis for an initial filling with optimally treated demi water. For you, filling the heating system is more convenient than ever as the filling section actually combines three elements that stand for the generation of perfect demi water: Filling group thermaliQ:SB13 and treatment group thermaliQ:HB2 which already includes the filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2.



In order to document the amount of water flowing through, we recommend installing an additional water meter (order no.: 702 845).

  • Flexible: Horizontal or vertical installation thanks to a system separator unit which can be rotated by 360°
  • Hands-on: Pre-assembled assembly groups for easy installation
  • Installed in a jiffy: Rotary flange of system separator cartridge allows for easy and quick replacement of the cartridge
  • Safe: Prevents polluted heating water from flowing back into the drinking water network
  • Intelligent: Reliable monitoring of the water quality by means of conductivity measuring cell
  • Convenient: Filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 already included in the scope of supply
  • Compatible: All Grünbeck mixed bed cartridges can be connected
  • Safe: The filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 is protected by a plastic cylinder