Electrodeionisation GENO®-EDI-X – residual demineralisation after reverse osmosis

GENO®-EDI-X systems function as a process step for residual demineralisation (polisher) after GENO®-OSMO reverse osmosis. Conductivity of up to 0.055 µS/cm can be achieved. Electrodeionisation (EDI) is an electrochemical demineralisation and process technology combination of electrodialysis and ion exchanger. The EDI module consists of ion-selective membranes and regenerative ion exchange resins, which are sandwiched between two electrodes. DC voltage applied at the poles forces the ions to migrate according to how they are charged. The result of the process is demineralised water. The various EDI system modules offer maximum diluate capacities of 100 l/h to 2.700 l/h.

  • GENO®-EDI-X on a system rack
  • Little space required
  • Bus-compatible MSR-tronic control with graphical display

Installation requirements

The installation site must offer adequate space. Around the system, there must be adequate space for installation and service work (> 50 cm, or > 20 cm to the wall). Provision must be made for sufficiently large and durable foundations. The required connections must be provided prior to the installation work. The installation of an electrodeionisation system represents a major intervention in the drinking water system. Therefore, only authorised experts may install such systems.

Scope of supply

  • Ready-to-connect unit, fully mounted on a system rack
  • Microprocessor control with LCD graphical display
  • Version: Plastic foil keyboard with 12 keys and serial interface RS 232, system piping within the electrodeionisation system Equipped with pressure sensors, regulating and solenoid valves as well as sampling devices. Integrated flow sensors to monitor the diluate and concentrate volume flows.
  • Quality control for diluate via temperature-compensated conductivity measurement
  • Complete piping with the system made of high-pressure-resistant PE plastic pipes
  • High-quality anodised aluminium system rack to accommodate all of the system components


Optional accessories

  • GENO®-EDI-Profibus DP
  • GENO®-EDI volt.-free single fault signals for DDC/central process control
  • Quality-controlled discharge of permeate
  • Quality-controlled discharge of diluate
  • GENO® membrane degassing system MEC 500-1 (1-stage)
  • GENO® membrane degassing system MEC 500-2 (2-stage)
  • GENO® membrane degassing system MEC 3000-1 (1-stage)
  • GENO® membrane degassing system MEC 3000-2 (2-stage)
  • Basic pure water tank X
  • Supplementary tank RT for basic pure water tank
  • Pressure booster system GENO®-FU-X 2/40-1 NE
  • Pressure booster system GENO®-FU-X 2/40-2 NE

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.