Reliable condensate neutralisation

The Grünbeck GENO-Neutra FNH-420-R

The GENO-Neutra FNH-420-R is used for the neutralisation (pH value increase above 6.5) of condensate from gas and oil-fired heat generators (condensing boilers) or flue gas systems made of aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, graphite, glass and ceramics. Standard specifications for condensates and their neutralisation are met. (ATV-DVWK-A 251, DIN 4716-1, DVGW VP 114).

GENO-Neutra FNH-420-R

Condensate neutralisation for gas and oil condensing boiler

The condensate flows through a filter into the neutralisation box. This is where it is circulated and the pH value is increased by dosing the neutralising agent and monitored. Upon reaching the admissible pH value (> 6.5), the condensate is pumped to the drain. The GENO-Neutra-matic control unit regulates and monitors all important system functions; the display shows, among other things, the pH value of the condensate and water levels.

The level in the neutralisation box is also monitored via the level probe and when the critical filling level is exceeded, a voltage-free fault signal contact is triggered as overflow warning. A second voltage-free fault signal contact enables a safety shutdown of the condensing boiler, in parallel to the fault signal contact (overflow warning) or time-delayed. A third contact switches if the set maintenance interval has elapsed or the set limit value for pH alarm has been overshot/undershot during pumping out.

Furthermore, a voltage-free output for the pH actual value 4 - 20 mA (pH 0.0 - 14.0) is available, as well as a voltage-free collective fault signal contact on the GENODOS dosing pump.

  • Neutralisation of condensed water from gas and oil-fired condensing boilers
  • Control unit GENO-Neutra-matic
  • Automatic, volume-based liquid dosing

Technical specifications

GENO-Neutra FNH-420-R
Neutralisation capacity max. [l / h] 420
Condensate temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Inlet/overflow/outlet hose [DN] 25 / 25 / 12
Height inlet/overflow connection [mm] 105
Pump delivery head at 420 l / h [m] 3
Power supply [V / Hz] 2 x mains cable 230 / 50
Neutralising agent GENO-Neutrox
Order no. 410540