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Condensate neutralisation for gas condensing boiler

Condensate neutralisation for gas and oil condensing boiler

These condensate neutralisation systems are used for neutralisation (pH value increase above 6.5) of condensate from gas or oil-fired condensing boilers and / or their flue gas systems made of stainless steel, plastic, graphite, glass and ceramics. They each consist of: a neutralisation box made of plastic with integrated settling zone for impurities, pH indicator strips, connection hose and connecting accessories. 

Technical specifications

KW35 KW65
Gas condensate up to max. [l / h] 4.9 9.1
Boiler capacity at 0.14 l / kW max. [kW] 35 65
Condensate temperature [°C] 5 - 60 5 - 60
Inlet/outlet hose [DN] 20 20
Height inlet/outlet [mm] 61 61
Condensate backwater height [mm] 90 90
GENO-Neutralit Hz filling volume [kg] 2.5 3.3
Order no. 410335 410345