Effective filtration

The Grünbeck desaliQ Inline filter module


Thanks to its compatibility with the mixed bed cartridge desaliQ:MB9 no time-consuming adjustments are required


Increase the service life of the filter cartridges by integrating a magnetic separator to remove metal particles


In combination with the desaliQ resin bags, filtration and full demineralisation of the heating water can be accomplished in one go

desaliQ inline filter module

The optimum combination for every heating water treatment application

The desaliQ Inline filter module is a new Grünbeck product. It is inserted into the desaliQ:MB9 mixed bed cartridge along with the resin bag. Impurities are efficiently removed from the heating circuit due to the large filter surface, and the high-performance magnet.


The new desaliQ Inline filter module – matching the desaliQ:MB9 mixed bed cartridge - efficiently filters impurities out of the water with a total of six filter cartridges. This large filter area means that the inline filter module can be used for over a week even when the heating water is heavily contaminated, before the filter cartridges have to be replaced. Furthermore, the integrated high-performance magnet makes sure that metal and magnetic dirt particles are reliably removed from water.

Thanks to the optimal design of the inline filter module, the contaminated filter cartridges can be replaced without tools very quickly. The integrated magnetic separator is also uncomplicated and quick to clean and therefore ready for use again within a few minutes.

The filter module is used in the mixed bed cartridge desaliQ:MB9 in combination with the proven Grünbeck resin bag, thus allowing simultaneous filtration and full demineralisation of the circulation water. In the case of larger heating systems, the specialist installer can also connect several cartridges in series. This saves valuable time, especially due to the higher treatment capacity.