GENO®-Neutra FNH-420-R – condensate neutralisation for gas and oil condensing boilers

GENO®-Neutra FNH-420-R is used to neutralise (raise pH value above 6.5) condensate from gas- and oil-fired heat generators (condensing boilers) or exhaust systems made of aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, graphite, glass and ceramic. The requirements specified by standards for condensate and its neutralisation are met (ATV-DVWK-A 251, DIN 4716-1, DVGW VP 114). The condensate flows through a filter into a neutralisation tank. There, it is circulated and the pH value is raised by the dosing of neutralisation agent and is monitored. When the permitted pH value (> 6.5) has been reached, the condensate is pumped into the drain. The GENO®-Neutra-matic control unit controls and monitors all the key system functions, the display indicates the pH value of the condensate and the fill levels.

  • Neutralisation of condensation from gas- and oil-fired condensing boilers
  • Control unit GENO®-Neutra-matic
  • Automatic volume-proportional liquid dosing

Installation requirements

Local installation directives, general guidelines, worksheet ATV-DVWK-A 251 and the technical specifications must be observed. The installation site must be frost-proof and the system protected against chemicals, dyes, solvents, high radiation temperatures and from direct sunlight. The installation site must provide adequate space, be level, horizontal and load-bearing and easily accessible for inspection and maintenance work. If the condensation is to completely drain from the heat generator or the flue gas system, the installation areas and outlets for the condensation on the boiler and/or chimney must be provided for accordingly. A drain connection (min. DN 40) is required for draining the condensation.

Scope of supply

Neutralisation system controlled on the basis of the pH value, completely packed in a cardboard box, consisting of:

  • Neutralisation tank (for installation on the floor) with intake and overflow connection, condensate intake filter, level sensors, pH electrode, circulation pump, dosing line, dosing point distribution system, feed pump with filter basket, non-return valve and 6 m drain hose as well as GENO®-Neutramatic control unit and GENODOS® dosing pump with suction lance for 25 kg canister
  • 5 m hose DN 25 for intake and/or overflow, with hose fittings and hose clamps
  • Calibrating solution pH 4 and 7 and 2 measuring cylinders (20 ml)



  • GENO®-Neutrox 25 kg canister
  • GENO®-Neutrox 75 kg canister (for corresponding suction lance, see accessories)


  • GENODOS® suction lance for 75 kg canister
  • Voltage-free signal “pre-warning” for GENODOS® pump
  • Safety pack for caustic substances: Gloves, protective goggles, eyewash bottle, pictogram signs (warning of caustic substances, use gloves, wear goggles)
  • Condensate pre-filter box with activated carbon filling (L/W/H = 400/300/340 mm), hose connection DN 25
  • Oil-binding mats (20 pcs), oil absorption 100 ml, mat water-repellent

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.