Big systems. Big challenges. Just the right thing for us.

The water consumption of a hotel compared to a single individual is like a mountain to a stone. This is also true of wellness facilities, leisure parks and laundries, where huge amounts of water are used. This puts corresponding strain on the technology used, which must rise to meet high demands. Grünbeck water treatment solutions were created to meet these industry-specific challenges. With their filter capacity, they reduce deposits in the large machines, increase service life and at the same time reduce costs for energy and maintenance.

Large volumes change everything – except the quality of our products and services.

Large hotels often have several hundred rooms. And in every one, guests expect sufficient quantities of running water. Clean and germ-free. Wellness facilities often use water pools. And here, too, guests expect a safe and functioning water supply. Leisure parks? Laundries? They couldn't operate without suitably treated water. And they need huge quantities of it.

When it comes to the water supply in commercial operations such as hotels, leisure parks and laundries, everything really is that bit bigger. In principle, the type of water treatment is technically similar to that in private households, but the volume of water involved is very different. And that makes a big difference. It makes water treatment more complicated. But not too complicated for our experts.

Grünbeck provides you with technologies for water softening for large systems with high water flow volumes, for the dosing of larger quantities of additives for the water and for rinsing pipes to flush out deposits. We use fine filters, backwash filters and membrane technology to filter out everything that does not belong in the water. We provide filter systems for large hotel swimming pools and with the right water treatment, we ensure that the complete heating system works efficiently. And what brings small but tangible savings in the private household has a far bigger financial impact in a large commercial operation.

Grünbeck therefore supports you over the entire life cycle of large systems for water treatment in operations such as hotels, leisure parks, wellness facilities and laundries, from planning and implementation right through to maintenance. Have you got big plans? We're by your side.