Water treatment based on the blueprint of nature: reverse osmosis.

Nature itself  teaches us one of  the best ways to treat water: osmosis. Osmosis means that different types of water that are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, strive to equalise their ion concentrations. Grünbeck’s reverse osmosis process simply turns this process around. Our advanced reverse osmosis solutions to treat water  – also called RO systems – filter drinking water without any chemical additives and deliver, for instance, ultra-pure water. This kind of water is needed for technical processes; in medical technology as well as in the food and beverage industry. In the reverse osmosis process, the water is treated at a high flow rate and with impressive environmental friendliness. By means of the membrane, our reverse osmosis systems remove substances from the water without generating any loaded regeneration waste water. The well-thought-out  and long-lasting design make Grünbeck’s reverse osmosis solutions profitable for your from the economic point of view, too.

Taking responsibility for humanity and water: Grünbeck’s reverse osmosis systems.

For people like us who are committed to clean drinking water, there is no way around reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis systems are designed for the treatment of sea water and for millions of people are the basis of life. For this alone, Grünbeck continuously invests in this process for the treatment of drinking water. But also because reverse osmosis systems combine three major goals for residential water systems: quality of life, conservation of resources and environmental protection. Without using chemicals in the water, dissolved substances such as bacteria, scale, iron, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, germs and radioactive as well as organic substances are completely removed from the drinking water by osmotic pressure.

Reverse osmosis technology by Grünbeck: detail-perfect for the best of drinking water.

For your water quality to be the best, we focus on sophisticated, intelligent technology for the reverse osmosis process. Nevertheless, using it is still pretty easy as Grünbeck designed each and every detail of their reverse osmosis solutions to be operator-friendly and as reliable as technically feasible. The finely dosed pressure, the particularly efficient pump, the uncompromising quality of the membranes, the proven operating reliability – Grünbeck’s inventiveness can be found in every detail of the osmosis-based solutions.

Grünbeck puts pressure on reverse osmosis. As mobile or stationary system.

With Grünbeck, the reliable filtration of water is as convenient as never before. Because our digital monitoring and control technology thinks of everything in your stead. Thus, reverse osmosis becomes the  smart filtration technology for water of the future that significantly saves operating costs. Parameters such as the permeate flow, for instance, are monitored fully automatically by the system, the capacity is adapted, the is efficiency increased. No matter, whether you decide for a mobile reverse osmosis system by Grünbeck to fill heating systems, remote heating networks or other systems with low-salt water. Or if you decide for the particularly compact, Grünbeck solutions for medical technology or the food and beverage industry  that are firmly installed. The inventiveness of Grünbeck’s engineers even goes far beyond the filter systems themselves. Already, Grünbeck’s current reverse osmosis solutions mostly are prepared for the interconnection and remote control of systems installed upstream or downstream. Furthermore, with our comprehensive range of accessories and extensions, we are in the position to meet your very special requirements for water perfectly treated by reverse osmosis.