Reverse osmosis system AVRO 125 – anti-scaling with direct current

AVRO is a Grünbeck-patented anti-scaling system and prevents the formation of scale. In contrast to classic procedures, the AVRO 125 reverse osmosis systems do not use any auxiliary materials. In the AVRO module, the water flowing onto the membrane is treated with a low direct current. From the calcium and hydrogen ions contained in the water, calcium carbonate seed crystals are formed on a special cathode. These crystals are washed out and consequently the membrane is reliably protected from scaling. Thus the AVRO 125 does not need any pretreatment in the form of a water softener or an anti-scaling dosing system. As no by-products are formed, no pollutants or corrosion products arise.

  • Permeate capacity 125 l/h
  • Little space required
  • With integrated permeate tank and pressure booster system Available
  • with blending unit
  • Microprocessor control with display field to signal the function and maintenance interval

Installation requirements

The installation site must offer adequate space. Provide a foundation of a sufficient size and adequate load-bearing capacity. The required connections must be provided prior to the installation work. The installation of a reverse osmosis system represents a major intervention in the drinking water system. Therefore, only authorised experts may install such systems. The local installation directives and general regulations must be observed. The following must be installed upstream: Fine filter (fine filter BOXER® K), system separator and activated carbon filter.

Scope of supply

  • Free-standing housing made of opaque PE
  • Microprocessor control with LCD display, voltage-free collective fault message and voltage-free signal contact
  • Shut-off valve pump made of corrosion-resistant brass with motor as high-pressure pump to supply the membrane
  • External pressure boost as centrifugal pump (only AVRO 125 TS)
  • Hydro distributor block for water supply within the membrane system
  • Flow sensor for volume measurement of permeate and concentrate flows
  • AVRO treatment module (consumable)


It is possible to retrofit optional components to existing systems. 

  • Connection set and connection block for AVRO 125 TS/TL
  • Conductivity measurement for AVRO 125 TS/TL
  • Solenoid valve forced withdrawal for AVRO 125 TS/TL
  • Blending unit for AVRO 125 TS/TL
  • Adaptable control unit on hydraulic unit AVRO 125 TS/TL 
  • Fine filter BOXER® K
  • Euro system separator
  • GENO®-DK 2-Mini
  • GENO® activated carbon filter AKF 250

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.