So that everything runs smoothly at home: Grünbeck for the home.

Utility companies supply high quality to the home: pure, healthy water. However, it is not always perfectly suited to the devices and machines in the home. Grünbeck water softeners therefore ensure soft water. Shortcomings in the building's distribution system also sometimes make it necessary to treat water internally within the building. We supply the water filtration technologies for this, for example. But we don't just develop products. We are also partners to thousands of specialist installers throughout Germany. Their work plays a decisive role in ensuring that our products function so efficiently. We therefore provide training for our partners as required. And support them wherever necessary.

The water remains pure, the pipes completely clear.

Grünbeck technology protects drinking water and heating pipes in the home. It ensures that the heating system works efficiently and impurities do not get washed, forced or sucked back into the drinking water. We and our partners in building services installation thus guarantee a safe water supply that completely meets all standards and legal requirements, that reassures you that you can use the water in your home without qualms at any time, and that can reduce maintenance costs for the pipe system and increase the life of the pipes.

The Grünbeck technologies for sanitation, heating and air conditioning in the home include devices for water softening that continuously supply households with soft water. This protection against the formation of scale often pays off within a few years, because the water flow is hardly impacted by the formation of scale. Grünbeck supplies dosing systems. They add precisely predefined quantities of substances to the water to reduce the hardness generators in the water and thus also reduce the risk of scale forming. And system separators to protect the drinking water.

We also operate in areas where drinking water is problematic.

In Germany, clean and safe water is supplied to the home. Here, Grünbeck filter systems and membrane systems are often only needed if the building services cause impurities for the water supply. However, as a globally operating company, we also deal with drinking water in regions in which the supply of safe water is by no means a matter of course. There, our filter systems form the basis for the safe enjoyment of water.

You have the swimming pool, we have the right technology.

Water is not only there to drink. Every year, owners of outdoor private pools look forward to the start of the bathing season. And owners of small indoor pools have the opportunity to swim all year round. Grünbeck technology keeps the water in private swimming pools clean. No impurities. No germs. Just clear water. For enjoyable living.