Disinfection: Grünbeck turns your drinking water into a real pleasure.

Pure drinking water is one of your most important foods.  For its reliable hygiene, Grünbeck develops progressive methods for the disinfection of water: in residential buildings, in trade and in industry. Our product range includes fully automatic, volume-dependent dosing systems and disinfection processes that are particularly environmentally friendly, such as UV disinfection. The disinfection of water eliminates pathogenic germs at an early stage, provides hygiene and offers you a sound water quality you can rely on. Grünbeck’s proverbial inventiveness is the driving force of progress in hygienic disinfection processes. Grünbeck’s disinfection systems master the process of maintaining the desired water purity ever more efficiently, more user-friendly and more sustainably. At the same  time, this type of disinfection counteracts deposits and corrosion. The water’s hygiene is ensured and thanks to the intelligent solutions for computer-controlled water disinfection, Grünbeck’s systems are easy to operate as well.

Innovative disinfection solutions dedicated to health.

When parents prepare baby food for their new-born with tap water, when water is used for hygienic body care or disinfected water  is applied in trade and industry for the production of food, it is always about our most important good, our health – one more reason for Grünbeck to continuously think ahead on professional cleaning of water. With disinfection solutions by Grünbeck, it is very easy to safeguard and to maintain one’s quality of life. The pleasant side effect: Grünbeck always thinks about the environment, too. Being the trailblazer, we constantly focus on processes that are particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Good to nature, consistent in disinfection: Grünbeck‘s UV disinfection processes.

Grünbeck’s range of products for the disinfection of water represent up-to-date technology. In applications such as UV disinfection, undesired substances contained in the water are rendered harmless by means of light. Grünbeck’s technology is highly reliable and maintenance-free for years. The water will remain unchanged and will keep its original taste as well as its initial hardness, pH value, colour and odour.

The proper dose of innovation: Grünbeck dosing processes for the disinfection of drinking water.

„As little as possible, as much as needed“ is the credo by which we develop our range of dosing systems for hygiene and the disinfection of water. Thanks to their sensitive probes, the systems quickly adapt to your actual disinfection demands and then dose exactly the amount of agents into the drinking water that is needed for its purity. The result: consistent drinking water quality at all times. This increases your quality of life and offers protection to your valuables: Your water pipes and system components are safe from scale deposits and corrosion.

Count on perfect results: Thanks to computer-controlled water disinfection.

For years, Grünbeck’s engineers have been developing superior disinfection strategies for a perfect water quality. Using a dosing computer, you may benefit from all this knowledge conveniently and fully automatically. The system controls the volume-dependent dosing of mineral-based agents in your building with the highest efficiency and reliability possible. And not only you as a resident will benefit from this but all your appliances that come into contact with the pure water as well: fittings and devices, operating equipment, boilers and many more. For wherever scale and corrosion are defeated by hygienic disinfection, malfunctions and damage caused by deposits are a thing of the past.