Titanium heat exchanger – ideal for a high salt concentration

Titanium heat exchanger GENO®-WT-T is designed for the counter-current process in the two-circuit system. Because of titanium's excellent material durability, it is excellently suited for pools with a high salt concentration and for water with a high proportion of chloride. The heat exchanger housing is designed with a flow-optimised heating assembly, thermowell and bracket.

  • Also suitable for salt-water pools
  • Water with high proportion of chloride
  • Flow-optimised heating assembly
  • Thermowell

Installation requirements

Please observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. The installation site should be easily accessible and must not be at risk of flooding. The hydraulic connection must be voltage-free.

Scope of supply

Titanium heat exchanger GENO®-WT-T incl. thermowell, hose connections with PVC-U nipple, wall mounting material and operation manual.


  • Heat exchanger shut-off set 1": consisting of solenoid valve, transition screw connections and two ball valves; shuts off a customer-installed heating circulation pump and protects the customer-installed piping
  • Swimming pool control unit BWH-W: for semi-automated operation of the filter system via a timer and for temperature regulation
  • Digital temperature regulator: required if the swimming pool control unit does not have a temperature regulation function

For further information on the product components, please see the price catalogue. For further technical details, see the operation manual, which is available to download.