Dosing computer EXADOS® EK – corrosion protection out of the bottle

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In residential buildings, the dosing computer EXADOS® EK is responsible for performing flow-dependent dosing of EXADOS® minerals. These protect the water pipes and the connected water-carrying system components (fittings, devices, operating equipment, domestic appliances, boilers, etc.) against malfunctions and damage due to scale deposits and/or corrosion. The output volume of the EXADOS® EK is 6 m3/h. The compact complete dosing system EXADOS® EK is suitable for the use of 3-litre bottles of dosing agent. It consists of a contact water meter with pulse transmitter for volume-dependent control and a control and pump unit with container lift for the dosing agent.

  • Volume-dependent control
  • Mounting on pipe or wall
  • Display for operation, dosing and empty signal
  • Complete with 3-litre bottle
  • Nominal pressure PN 10 bar
  • DVGW-certified

Installation requirements

Please observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. Dosing computer EXADOS® EK is DVGW-certified and can be installed without additional protection (pipe separator, large pipe loop). A fine filter (e.g. BOXER®) must be installed upstream of the device to protect against foreign matter. The installation site must be frost-proof and the device protected against chemicals, dyes, solvents and vapours. The ambient temperature as well as the radiation temperature next to the system must not exceed 40 °C.

Scope of supply

Complete dosing computer, consisting of:

  • Contact water meter with water meter screw connections, pulse transmitter, pulse cable and dosing point with non-return valve
  • Control/pump unit with mounting material for mounting on contact water meter or wall; 1.5 m dosing line; cord transformer with 1.5 m feed line
  • Mineral solution container not included in scope of supply


  • Switch box, for voltage-free signal (empty signal and error) to a central control room
  • Complete M-Bus measuring transducer D-DAM to transmit the flow rate and the meter reading as well as statistical values of the water meter by means of M-Bus (IEC 870). In addition, flow-dependent pulse output, analogue output and relay contact to Grünbeck control unit.

For further information on installation requirements, scope of supply and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.